Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Slow Down. Literally.

Yesterday I was pulled over for the first time. My lead foot finally got the best of me. I was driving 22 mph over the limit!!! I couldn't believe it! I normally don't drive that fast! Thankfully the officer didn't give me a ticket, in fact, he didn't even give me a warning ticket. He was very nice. I really appreciate how kind he was, and I even though I don't know this man, I wish him the best. As for me, I am going to be more careful about the way I drive. I drive fast all the time, even though I am not even near being late. Not only is it dangerous for me, but for other drivers as well. Driving slowly will teach me to be more patient, especially with others. I get aggravated very easily when I am on the road. And why? There is no reason for me to be upset, just because people are driving the speed limit and I want to go faster. So from now on no more rushing around the roads. I learned something yesterday. I need to be more patient. I stress myself out when I speed. Why not just take it easy and just enjoy the ride?


  1. Well said, Nancy! So glad you learned from the experience!

  2. lol

    All my best.... speedster!!! :)

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  4. fast food, fastEN seat belt... why do we have to do everything FAST??? we sometimes just need to be slowing down, slow down so we can hear our thoughts, slow down so we can listen to the others more, slow down so we can feel the airs through us, slow down so we can enjoy the moment...

    do take care of yourself, now you even have one less sister whom can look out for ya... lessons learned!

  5. Well said Sophy :) I am going to be more careful on the road from now on.