Friday, June 18, 2010

Food for Thought

I have always had a problem with eating my food too fast. In yoga, we learn to eat food slowly, to enjoy it more. I have a problem with this. I just gobble my food like there is no tomorrow. I need to start taking time to savor the flavor of the food in my mouth, otherwise, what enjoyment is there in eating? Sometimes I eat so fast that I don't even remember tasting the food. A few days ago I was really craving a hamburger. When I finally had one, I ate it so fast I could hardly remember that I had actually eaten a hamburger. And here I am again, I am eating oatmeal, but its not even hitting my tongue. Eating slowly is something that needs to be practiced. I know that I am not the only one who goes through this. Many people, especially in the USA are too busy to actually enjoy even one meal in their day. Many people are eating on the go, shoving food down their throats on the way from the drive-thru. They have a burger in one hand a the steering wheel in the other. Now is that REALLY the way to go? Some people may argue that they just don't have time to eat a proper meal. They are much to busy for that. Well, I say, MAKE TIME. Eating on the go like that, shoving food in our mouths isn't good for our agni (digestive fire). It's like you are just dumping food into your stomach. When you dump wood on a flame, you just put it out. Well, the same goes for your digestive fire. Learning to eat slowly, and enjoy our food is something that many of us need to teach ourselves. Eating is meant to be enjoyable, so next time you eat a meal, chew your food, let it roll around on your tongue. Enjoy your meal!

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  1. Eeeek!! good luck with eating food slowly. I eat waaaayy too fast. Not sure why, I always thought it was from being a kid, soccer practice, shoveling food down due to hungry and time. Not really sure to be honest. I eat fast though. Luckily don't do too much fast food. We cook meals most nights. That's good I guess.

    Once again good luck with slow eating. I fail miserably!! :)