Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Been a While

I know I haven't written in a while. I guess it's because I really have nothing to write about lately. All I have been doing really is working. On Thursday I went to the city with a friend of mine. We walked from the train station to the farmers market. The food there was delicious! I bought a small basket of fresh strawberries and I have to say, they were the best strawberries I have ever tasted! There is nothing like fresh food. It has a taste that cannot be found in store bought food. :) We then did a little shopping and I decided to splurge and get myself a cute top. After that we went to a park and walked around. The park has a beautiful garden. It was a nice and sunny day, so it was nice to walk around and look at the flowers. Sometimes it is nice to slow down and just look at the world around us. I feel like I don't do that enough. Nature can be so breathtaking and we don't always have to travel to places like the grand canyon to see it. Every flower and branch is perfect in its own unique way. No two blades of grass are exactly the same. There is beauty just outside our windows, even in the midst of a busy city. Why don't we take out shoes off and feel the fresh cool earth beneath our skin? Isn't it refreshing?

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  1. Dang!! We are no longer friends I guess, but you know what. That was one of the best blog updates I ever read.

    I am sorry for not being perfect, but not sorry for being honest. :)

    I show the good and the bad!!

    Truth = strength

    You and Olga are overloaded with it!!

    Take care!!!

    I will continue to read your blog. :)