Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Through My Eyes

When most people saw that the famed star, Lindsay Lohan, was sentenced to 90 days in Jail and 90 days of rehab, I assume they shook their heads, snorted, grumbled, laughed. But what I felt for her when I saw the news was compassion. It surprised me as much as it may surprise you. She partied too hard, thinks that she is above the law, thinks that she can break the rules. How can I feel compassion for a woman like that? I don't really know how to explain it. But when I watched a clip of the hearing on Tv, all I saw was a broken girl, suffering at her own hand. She has so much to learn. People think that she will learn her lesson in jail. I have to disagree, did Paris Hilton learn anything? I think it was necessary to put her in jail, but we shouldn't expect her to come out of it a completely different person. The rehabilitation may do her some good, maybe. But maybe people are taking the wrong approach to fixing this girl who has traveled so far from her beginning. Maybe what she needs is to change her lifestyle completely. People may read this and think that I am crazy, writing this about someone that I don't even know. But she is only 24 years old, she has a whole life ahead of her. There is still time for her to turn her life around, back to the way that is was when she was a little girl. What she needs is to eat healthy, to be around the right people, and to stay away from the parties. If that is the way that she can resist the temptation to make a fool of herself, then that is what she needs to do. We tend to be like the people that we are around. Think about it, if you have a family and friends who are well-educated, and have good morals, aren't you pretty much guaranteed to be the same way? We look up to our role models, may we pray that they are good ones. From what I read, Lindsay doesn't have a good relationship with her father, she had a terrible self esteem and ended up being bulimic. People's criticism and hateful words aren't going to help the girl recover from her illness. She needs support. We can choose to either laugh and celebrate the fact that she has gone to jail or we can support her, and wish her the best, hope that she will eventually recover. I know this may seem like a strange post, but I had to write about this. Because when I saw the pictures of her in the court room I wasn't laughing. I felt her pain. She is hiding behind this facade of partying, binging, and her notorious new name. I hope you read this post well, we cannot dislike people for their mistakes. We can only empathize with them and wish them the best.

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  1. I like to tell people my thoughts on their post. I mean if they go through the trouble to post something, I like to give my 2 cents. :)

    I think youngsters who hit the spotlight early really easily get into trouble. It is a shame, and a story that has been done time and time again in Hollywood.

    I mean we are all human even those who are on the big screen. I hear you, I don't really like seeing people go through hard times, and like you hope they get lessons from it. Heck I hope the same for myself.

    I have some people at work currently going through some hard times. One is having problems with too much drinking. I forget that can control people's lives. One other is a computer nerd (mean term I know) has a wife and 2 kids. She just left him. He spends too much time on the computer. I have a feeling his computer time is an addiction like other addictions people have via alcohol or whatever.

    Like you, and like me, they aren't getting enjoyment out of seeing things like trees, the sky, things out of nature.

    Best Wishes Nancy!!

    Hope all is going well with you!! :)