Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello AGAIN!!!

I do believe that I am overdue for writing a new post. Sorry about that. I am starting the nursing program next month and I am super excited!!! Taking care of people is something that I love to do! I know that sounds really corny, but its true. I work at a hospital and I know from experience that nursing is a very rewarding experience!! So far I have been getting myself ready for the nursing program which is a two year thing. It will get me to an associates degree in nursing. I will be able to work as a nurse, but I will have to get a BSN within ten years. At least so I have heard. Anyway, I am super excited about it! I have been preparing for the program for two years and I am finally here! So right now I am at the last step of the application process before I am OFFICIALLY accepted into the program. I have a skills exam that tests me on basic nursing skills that I have already learned. I am doing some preparation for that because I really don't want to mess up. I have come this far! I feel bad because I have put yoga on the backburner. I go to my yoga class once a week, but that's about it. Shame on me. I really need to get practicing again. I'm sure that once school starts I am going to be wishing that I had more time for my practice. I really need to start practicing yoga every day again. I feel so bad. Well, thanks for reading my little ramble. :)

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