Friday, May 14, 2010

Difficult Farewells

Tomorrow my beloved twin sister, Olga, is leaving the United States to begin her new life in Poland. I have know this day was coming for a long time, but now that it is just around the corner I feel like there wasn't enough time spent together enjoying the small things in life. She will be going to school there which means that she will be gone for at least four years. Four years... after for years she could decide that she wants to live there for the rest of her life! A lot can happen in four years.
I also wonder what it will be like between the two of us after such a long time. I am sure we will still be very close, but things will have changed, and we will both be living totally different lives. I understand that it will never be the same.
I know that I am feeling sorry for myself, but I am very happy for her, because she will soon be accomplishing her dreams. I love my sister to the bottom of my heart and I only wish her the best. I will try to visit her whenever I can, but I know that isn't probably isn't going to be for at least a year. We will be skyping each other and writing on facebook and sending personal letters. It won't be the same as seeing her everyday, but it will have to do. :) I know that she is nervous about starting this new life, but it is such an exciting thing! A blank page, a new chapter in her wonderful life.
I pray that her she has a safe trip there and that she is always watched over when she is in her new home. I love you Olga. <3


  1. Glad I added you to my list. Don't really know what to say, but wish nothing but good things for both of you.

    Gina was right, you needed to be added to my list.

    Best regards!!! :)

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  3. it brings tears to my eyes by just thinking about it... it'll be hard for the both of you! i don't have siblings, so i wouldn't know exactly how much the pain you guys must/will be going through, but when i was leaving home, i left my parents, my best friends, quite a lot of things i had had to leave behind... even though i was 19! like you said in above, it's a new chapter in you and Olga's lives, let's celebrate the New advantures, instead of hanging on the memories; Let's be happy that everyone is growing up, instead of feeling sorry for yourselves; Let's moving on to be an adult, start to learn being independant! Let's raise our glasses to have a toast for everyone's new life in a different continent, sharing a different dream, watching different sunrise and sunset-but breathing the same air, watching the same sun, looking at the same moon! As you are always sharing the same love! Same sister love for each other! Best of Luck to the both of you!!! Love, Sophy-i'll keep eyes on her!!! since i'm even closer to her now than ever!!!