Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Beginning of a Journey...

Okay, this is my first blog, and I have been worrying about what to write. I think I'm just going to wing it and just write whatever comes to mind. The purpose of this blog is to sort of document my journey with Yoga, and of course, life. This is kind of a place for me to write whatever thoughts I have and share them with you.
I started my Yoga practice in August of 2009. Before then, I was a total blob. I would only excercise (100 or so crunches every few weeks) if I felt like I was becoming too much of a blob. I was extremely irritable and angry, all the time. I don't think it's too far fetched a phrase to say that YOGA CHANGED MY LIFE.
When I stepped into my first Yoga class at the junior college I attend, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. To me, it was a door to hope that my back pain would end, and I would be excercising twice a week. My yoga instructor informed the class of mostly college-aged students that Yoga means union. Union of the body, mind and spirit. I sat on my first Yoga mat and wondered what the heck I was getting myself into. Union? Of the Body, Mind, and Spirit? What? Maybe this is too weird for me. My instructor informed the class, that not only would we be working on excercise, but we would learn to watch what we eat, and learn meditation.
During the first practice, the instructor took us through basic asanas (poses), I LOVED it.
I ended up not just practicing during class, but at home as well.
Yoga has helped me become a healthier and happier person. I don't get upset as easily as I used to, which, if you were my twin sister, you would understand that it is a relief.
I am currently taking a class, which I have been taking since December, about fifteen minutes walk from my house. I love the class because it is small (usually consisting of about 5 to 6 students) so there is more of a personal touch to it. I make a point of walking to the class, whether it rain, sleet or shine out. I don't see the point of driving to a class that is such a short walk away. I have walked to and from that class when it was raining, and through snow storms. You might call me crazy for doing so, but walking through a snow storm is a beautiful and refreshing experience. Besides, its only fifteen minutes, who cares if my boots are soaked and my hair is completely white for fifteen minutes. Walking those fifteen minutes, enjoying whatever mother nature throws at me is all a part of my Yoga. :)
Last night I went to my Yoga class, it was a great practice. I was able to, for the first time, do Shirsasana (headstand) with my feet away from the wall. It was only about three seconds, but I felt triumphant. After the class, it was raining a little bit, but I just tucked my ear buds into my ears, turned on Sting's (who, btw, practices Yoga too ^^) song Send Your Love.
I always tell people about how much I love Yoga, and if they do not practice Yoga themselves, they usually say, "That's nice," and smile. But I want to shake them and yell, "You should do it too!!! It's an essential part of LIFE!!! And you don't even know it!" But that wouldn't be very "Yogic," would it?
I think that's all I will write for today. Thank you so much for reading this!


  1. Okay, I'll put you in my list.

    Take Care!!! I will follow your journey. What the heck!!

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