Saturday, October 2, 2010

Learn For Yourself, From Yourself

Has anybody ever told you that they just want to give up on life? That nothing makes them happy anymore, that it's hard to even get up in the morning. Do you find that you are that person? So many people go through life waiting for something to make them happy. They sit and wait for a better future, a better tomorrow. That's not the way that life is supposed to be lived, so when I say that there is no future, in a sense it's true. Yes, there is a future ahead of us, but we have no idea what it holds. The only thing that we KNOW, is the present moment. The only time we have is NOW. People get so hooked on the future and on the past. People remember what happy moments they had, and it makes them sad because they are clinging to their memories. Happiness is a choice, it is something that we cannot be waiting around for. It's something that we need to work at. We are the only ones who can make ourselves happy. It's our feelings that make us who we are. It's the way we feel about a person, place or thing, that makes us feel happy, angry, sad, resentful, etc. We have to power and opportunity to change our perspectives, to change our feelings. Yes, things happen that are out of our control. We get upset because we don't have control over everything in our lives. We don't have control over the way people act towards us, the way the weather is, the outcome of a situation. But what we do have is a choice in our perspective, a control in our reactions to the situations at hand. If someone blows you off, stands you up, cuts you off in the middle of the road, you have at least two choices. You can choose to become upset, swear, bang your fist, and cry, or you can shrug your shoulders, and let it go. The same goes for happiness. We don't always need a reason to be happy. So many times, people wait for something to come along to make their lives better (money is a prime example), but we need to realize that happiness is within us. Attachment to objects, people and places makes us tired, anxious, and upset if we cannot have what we want. So please, take time to breathe, be grateful for the fresh air in your lungs, the friends that you have and the food on your plate. Happiness comes from within. Find that place.

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