Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Universe Knows

I am incredibly happy to say that on Thursday I accepted my first position as an RN on the cardiac floor of the hospital in which I work. But, I'm not here to talk about what my job will entail. I'm here to talk about what I have learned. My mom said today, that "what brings us to where we are, are the choices we make." I believe that to be true, but maybe in a different sense than what you may be thinking. I believe that the universe (some of you may call the universe your "inner guide," or God, or the higher power), has a plan for each and everyone of us. This is so evident to me. I have just accepted a position of my dream job as a nurse. Ever since I started working on the cardiac floor at my hospital, I have wanted to be a cardiac nurse, particularly caring for patients with heart failure. Well, my new RN job is on a floor with cardiac patients, many of them patients with heart failure. When I was offered the job, I was in disbelief, and I told my managers, "this job has been waiting for me. This is my job." They both nodded in agreement. I was onthe verge of giving up on that hospital, and JUST as I was about the throw in the towel, I was offered the position of my dreams. The universe has a funny way of doing things. When I was offered a job in hospice nursing, I couldn't shake the feeling that I shouldn't take the job, so I didn't take it. I had an interview in behavioral health and I was hoping and praying for a job offer. The interview went wonderfully, and the manger loved me, and then, all of a sudden, there was no RN position to be filled. I was frustrated, why had I even been interviewed? You see, all of these little "coincidences" of myself not being able to find a job led me to the job that I really wanted. This is a lesson, we may not always see it, but if we can let things be as they are, the universe can lead us to our true Dharma, or purpose in life. I had a rough time not being able to find work, but in the meantime, I took advantage of my extra hours and started back to school. I also got to go on vacation and see my sister in Poland, I got to spend ample time with my other family, and most importantly, I learned to delve deeper into my spirituality. Instead of victimizing myself in negative situations, I changed my perspective and utilized what I was going through, as a learning experience. I am learning that if we change our perspective, multiple doors open, and we can become calmer in times of hardship. When I was sure that I would not get hired at my hospital, and I was losing hope of finding a job anywhere, I decided to look at things differently. Instead of looking at the situation in an "oh-woe-is-me" fashion, I looked at it as, there has got to be something out there for me. I put my trust into the universe, and I told myself that I would get the job that I was meant to have. That is exactly how it happened. So, have faith in the universe. Sometimes in the most difficult of times, instead of trying to control the outcomes, we need to put our faith into something bigger than ourselves. The universe knows.

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