Friday, February 18, 2011

My Foot Hurts

And that's because I haven't been very smart when I've been practicing Yoga. I've been attempting scorpion against the wall, well, my closet. I kicked up into a forearm stand and ended up falling sideways, slamming my foot into the closet doorknob. If you've never slammed your foot into a doorknow, which most people probably haven't, then let me tell you this, it hurts. I bruised my heel, and I have to walk on it all day today. It should heal up, if it doesn't, then I guess I have to go to the doctor. So, lesson on the day? Start slow before trying an extremely difficult pose. With scorpion, I'm going to prepare for about a month before even thinking about even getting my legs in the air, by doing dolphin pose every single day.

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