Thursday, August 8, 2013


I’m sitting here, in my beat-up, second-hand chair, really not sure of what to write about. I usually get ideas and inspirations from things that I am struggling with myself. We often talk about things that we need to improve on ourselves. Well, self-image is one of those things, and the people who know me are probably shaking their heads and thinking about how “thin” I am, and I practice yoga, so why should I have self-image issues? Well, as you all know, we all have self-image issues, which I would like to call self-love issues. There’s always some flaw that we will see in ourselves that we will nitpick until the end of time. Many of use cover our blemishes, dark circles, un-wanted birthmarks with makeup. In extreme cases, some people go under the knife to “improve” their self-image. So, something I want to say to you, you, the one reading this blog (and thank you for doing so). Love yourself unconditionally. No matter what. No matter what. No matter what mistakes you have made, what other people may say about you, what you look like. Love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, then who else will you be able to love? I sometimes get up in the morning, or get back from work, or get ready for bed, and look at my tired face, my acne, and other flaws and shake my head. But that isn’t the way to think, that isn’t the way that we should treat ourselves. We can fall into a depression when we keep shooting ourselves down. Why are we always so used to telling ourselves negative things? I used to think that if I was negative, then I wouldn’t be setting myself up for disappointments, or maybe someone would tell me something nice. Whenever someone did give me a compliment when I shot myself down, I actually didn’t feel any better. Even if other people see our beauty, it is up to us to see our own shining light. If we can do that, then others’ negativity won’t affect us. And when we can learn to love ourselves unconditionally, then we can see that other’s negativity about us is really a projection onto their own self-esteem. We have all had experience where people will say something negative about us. This never has anything to do with us, it has everything to do with them. If we are happy with ourselves we don’t need to bring other people down so that we can feel better. So think about how we can contribute to a more positive atmosphere if we all work on loving ourselves. Don’t get caught up on how someone has a better body, or prettier eyes, or a more bubbly personality. We all have a unique and power light that contributes to the tapestry of the world. Thanks for reading! Namaste.

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  1. First time reader here. Just wanted to say I really like your blog. Your last few posts have definitely hit on many things I have felt throughout my life, or ideas that I have been really striving towards lately.
    Relating to this post, it is so much easier to be negative than positive, and by no means and I sayings this in a good way. Many people are afraid of seeming too happy. It makes me think of high school when people would talk about how much they did not study for a test - even I did it. When in reality, they did study, and they are just completely over-exaggerating. They do this because they want to set their expectations low, and they want everyone to know this. That way, if they fail, they can shrug it off and blame it on not trying.
    I feel this relates directly with happiness. Some people are just afraid to be happy, because finding issues with yourself, little flaws, is easier and allows you to put blame on something else, rather than fully on yourself. It somewhat circles back to loving yourself. If you can't accept your flaws, and want to hide them, or find something to blame them on, then you can't truly love yourself. It seems like a vicious circle that takes a lot of self-awareness to get out of, and many people don't give it the thought or effort it takes to break the circle. It takes a lot of practice and effort to love yourself. It's something to constantly work on, and only something i've become aware of and given effort recently, but the results are worth it beyond measure. Just some random thoughts.