Friday, June 24, 2011


People need to stop being like everyone else. I seriously dislike when people try to be like others. Why do people try to so hard to compete, to outdo, to be above the rest. Why not just be ourselves and leave it at that. Just because there's the latest fashion out in the world, it does not mean that we need to follow the crowd. Crowd-followers, stop what you are doing! Be your own person! Don't do things because you think you have to. Otherwise, what the heck are you living for? You don't live to impress other people, you live to make yourself happy. I live to be happy. So should we all. That does not say that I am encouraging you to go out and do terrible things because they make you happy. All I am saying is that we all need to learn to go out into the world and be the person you want to be. Not the person your parents want you to be, or the billboards, or the TV, or your friends, or boyfriend. Be who you are, and be comfortable with it. You are who you are. Follow the mantra "So Hum," Meaning "I am that." And seriously, that is all there is. There is no mask. There is you, and that is the person that people love.

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