Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Dot...

What the heck. I'm just gonna write a random post. About what? I don't know. I suppose I just feel like writing. Maybe it's because I feel like a little black dot on a vast white wall. Do you get what I mean? Basically, I'm saying that I just feel a little out of place. Why's that? I don't know. I realize that maybe I am doing things the right way, but maybe not. A lot of times I think to myself that I'm really not having a whole lot of fun lately. And, I know I have a lot of school work and a job and all that. But where's the fun in life? I keep wondering what I'm going to do with myself when winter break comes around. I can't just sit in the house the whole time. I suppose I'll have to wait till the time comes. As for now, I'm going to try to be present, and get over this little emotional hump. I've got a full life ahead of me.


  1. i know that feeling. used to get it all the time. maybe you need to align with your higher self? im no lama but doing that will put you back in your natural, joyous state.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion :) I do agree with you and will take up on your advice.